Hi! My name is Crissy. Born and raised in Montreal and currently living with my husband (Kevin, my #1 supporter), our incredible son and our three cats. I’m proud to say I speak 3 languages; English, French and Italian (I am totally shy speaking Italian though). My family is very important to me and I can’t imagine my life without them! The following are things I cannot live without:  good coffee, chocolate, great food, girls night out and a great pair of shoes!

I created this blog to share my personal style and provide ways to use the clothes I have in my closet multiple ways! As a mom,  I now understand the need to escape the world of diaper changes, tantrum pulling and laundry folding (lots of laundry folding). I hope to inspire the young modern women with the latest trends without always having to spend a ton of money. Some Velvet Morning is my style guide for the girl who wants to feel good about herself with what she is wearing (with my occasional high end shoes or handbag)! My son or baby items will appear on here too for those mamas looking for some baby inspiration.

Want to get in touch? Email me at crissyfundaro@gmail.com


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